Travel Writing

19feet on a hill in Iceland

Travel is about experiencing life outside of our personal norms. In my travel writing, I strive for more than simple itineraries and packing lists. I examine culture, talk to real people, and discover the stories waiting in the unfamiliar. I have written for:

Temple in Spain

Cangas de Onís in Asturias, Spain. Click to read more about it.
Cangas de Onís in Asturias, Spain.

“Lending a Second Hand”

“What’s Not to Love?”

“The Grammar of Saying Goodbye”

TU South Africa (editor and contributor, 2014)

A cook in Soweto prepares "chisa nyama" barbecue. Click for more.

“Alex FM Fills the Air With Pride”

“Welcome to Joburg”

Submerged Aboveground

Laugavegur Street in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Submerged Aboveground is my own travel blog, because I always have more stories to tell about the things the world teaches me.

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